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TheBizDen 2.0

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Founded in the summer of 2011 by Arjun Rai, a student and entrepreneur, TheBizDen launched to encourage students to not only learn more about the business world but also to begin to network with business leaders at a much earlier age. Since that time, we have hosted several fireside chats (or as we called it before, “Speaker Series”) and our first TheBizDen Business Summit in 2012 (where over 200 people attended to hear our panel discussion on the future of entrepreneurship). Our amazing speakers at the 2012 summit included Samantha Smith, Peter Shankman, Stephen MesserMichael Yavonditte and TK Kuegler (moderated by our very own, Arjun Rai). To learn more about the event and advice given by our speakers, see Entrepreneur Magazine’s coverage here (by Diana Ransom).

While 2011-2012 was an exciting year for our organization, we wondered how can we spread our wings even further. That led to the re-launch of TheBizDen (or as we call it, “TheBizDen 2.0″) and our very own website, TheBizDen.Org. Before, our presence resided on the NYIT School of Management‘s website, which can still be seen here, and continues to be supported by Dr. Jess Boronico, Dean of the School of Management. Dean Boronico was one of the early believers in the idea of an organization to promote entrepreneurship and helping students earlier on. During the first year of its existence, the organization fell under what the school called, “Professional Enrichment,” where business leaders were invited to speak about various topics (such as Venture Capital, Design, UI/UX, Social Media Marketing and so much more) and allow students to network with other leaders plus other students from various universities.

The year proved that the need existed to bridge the gap between the younger generation and the business world by way of holding networking events, sessions, conferences etc. Moving forward, we are so excited about our upcoming Business Summit (“The Rise of the Chief Listening Officer“) as well as our upcoming fireside chats and conferences (more info to come on that).

We hope you will continue to join us at our events and support the next generation of business leaders…us. :)

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